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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Port Isabel Bus Rider Busted For Ogling Playboy...

Staff Writer

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - A man from Port Isabel was arrested here earlier today after passengers aboard a city bus he was riding complained about his magazine. Pedro "El Atrevido" Lozano was caught reading a copy of Playboy by a heavyset woman who said she was shocked and made to "feel like a piece of meat."

Brownsville police described the woman's anger as a "distinctly feminist nightmare" of the sort rarely seen in this bordertown, where the word is that women generally take it and take it and take it without ever complaining. Lozano, a 38-year-old unemployed butcher, reportedly told police he was merely looking at the photos of naked women in a professional manner. "I know shanks and rump and that sort of stuff about beef," he is said to have told investigators. "I can translate my butcher's eye to the female naked body. I wasn't being cute or funny or looking for laughs. I was totallly thinking butchering. You know, in case I get a job."

The bus driver was quoted in the police report as telling Lozano to stop leafing the magazine in a way that forced other passengers to see the sexy photography. The complainant was seated next to Lozano and could not avoid seeing nude photos of Miss March, police said. In the issue, Miss March is "cavorting atop a black horse," said Brownsville Police Department spokesman Henry "Champagne" King.

Lozano was booked into the county jail and will be arraigned on Monday. A check of his arrest record indicates he was busted once before - for stealing and eating seedless grapes at a Brownsville H-E-B in 2003. He faces Disturbing the Peace charges, according to the detention order...

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Fandango usa said...

It would have to be a fat woman ofcourse who would complain.
Look brothers and sisters, for some reason or another naked women keep showing your blog.
Alcatraz, what's the deal, or is it part of the brownsville scenery as you have alluded.
I having problems understanding your articles, does everything has to rotate around the opposite gender?? Or is this, this blogs style??? Food and women, what's next booze???? Or maybe fat broads??? I am waiting for an answer.

David Catches said...

Man, who knows what's next! It's a long, crooked bus ride across harsh geography. If you keep coming on here (to read, not complain), then you're on the bus. It's hard to understand your continuing angst. We are not funded by The Vatican, lad...- Editor

fandando usa said...

What is this??? the 1-2-3 on your blog, and please no lecturing about my comments, I know the blog is not founded by The Vetican.
You can at least be sincere about the pictures displayed on your blog, I wager that the guy with the black hat discribe as Juan Montoya, is Bob Dylan or Kinky Friedman.
Seriously, not there is anything serious about the blog, did your writer had to discribe the complainant as fat woman???
On second thought, thats about all there is in Brownsville fat woman and fat guys. Enjoy the tacos.

David Catches said...

We would never lecture our sentient readers. The guy with the hat is.....ah, is....ah...Journalism of the sort we practice - known as Gonzo Journalism - demands that we be descriptive. I can't put it any other way. Hope that clears up a few things for you...- Editor

fandango usa said...

Okay, you all win, I am on my way to purchase the March Edition of Playboy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fandango, isn't that a name of a guapango played by Ruben Vela, I guess you thought no one would figure it out.
Listen, after reading the March Playboy, I can't blame the fat woman who complained to he police. I bet one of her legs is two of the bunnies on the magazine. Okay fat women lovers, save the insults, it is only my opinion.